SCUBA Diving Melbourne

Sponge at Rosebud ReefWelcome to the SCUBA Diving Melbourne web site, your complete resource for learning to dive in Melbourne, Dive Charters, Dive sites, clubs, shops and discussion about Melbourne diving.

If you are wanting to learn to SCUBA dive we have a variety of dive shops and locations to choose from throughout Melbourne.

Experienced divers in Melbourne are never short of dive sites and new challenges to keep them keen to be in the water.

Technical diving is gaining more support every day and there are dive shops in Melbourne that offer training and equipment from entry level Nitrox to Advanced Trimix and Rebreathers.




Kilsbys SinkholeCave diving training is also available through the Cave Diving Association of Australia (CDAA). There are strict guidelines to cave diving and you are required to be accredited with the CDAA. Some of the caverns and sinkholes have to been seen to be believed.

Right Kilysbys Sinkhole in Mt Gambier.

Diving equipment is a major part of the sport and you can buy dive equipment online here.






Lonsdale Wall

As you can see the temperate waters of the region of un paralleled colour and photographic opportunities.

Many people dive the local reefs and piers just to get a shot of their favourite species of Weedy Sea Dragon or Nudibranch.